#StrongerwithSteele Campaign Registry

Federal election campaigns cost money. Big money. At the last federal election, Clive Palmer and his United Australia Party spent $84m, effectively handing the Liberal National Coalition the unwinnable election.

Help Georgia and the people of Hughes put climate, integrity and equality at the forefront of Australian debate. We’ve created a “Campaign Registry” (a bit like a wedding registry) to give people a snapshot into what it takes to run a Federal Election Campaign, so they know where their money is going when they donate.

For the avoidance of all doubt, the below is just a way to facilitate your donation. It is not a shop - you are not buying items that will be sent to you! (Which is good, because a democracy sausage in the mail would probably not be welcome …)

Like to donate a different amount?

If you would like to donate an amount that's not listed here, please email us at campaign@georgiasteele.com.au

Please note that the details of every donation over $14,500 will form part of my required financial disclosure to the Australian Electoral Commission (including cumulative donations from the one person or entity, if they exceed that amount). You will also need to lodge a donor disclosure after the election. Let me know if you have any questions about this.